Prayer Is Power

Prayer is the amazing gift given to us by God Himself that gives us the privilege of simply talking with him. Through our conversation, God hears our hearts and benevolently responds according to His power and wisdom.

While our conversation with Him should be primarily praise and worship, God actually trusts us to the point of allowing us to make requests and petitions. We encourage the believer to avoid repetitive and meaningless phrases and frequently pour out our hearts with genuine passion as we approach the Maker of all Creation.

One of the most amazing things is that the Father has promised in His Word that He listens, He hears and He cares about our every need and further, that He will actually give us the desires of our hearts when we are seeking His will in the character of Jesus.

Let us join you in your prayer if you have a need. God is faithful and just to hear our praise and hear our cry. Let’s pray together with boldness and confidence, knowing that he will always give gifts in the best way.

Current Prayer Requests

  • Dunning Family – Husband & Father died suddenly of a heart attack.
  • Muslims and missionaries to muslims around the world during the month of Ramadan.
  • Mark Rennicker – Fighting against stage 3 colon cancer. Read about his journey here.
  • Destiny Brubaker – Serving with World Race.
  • Pray for Haiti – Requested by Islande Turner.
  • Elijah & Melanie Renicker – Serving in SE Asia.
  • Doug & Hanna – Pray for them as they continue to be a host family for Safe Families for Children

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