Our Fellowship believes ….

The primary purposes for public gatherings are:

  • to worship in song and prayer
  • for the teaching and study of the entire scriptures
  • for the instruction and equipping of the Saints for ministry
  • to encourage a special focus on making, teaching and training disciples of Jesus
  • discipleship and accountability

We are compelled to evangelize and share the good news of the gospel to this world.

Freedom is given to every disciple of the Messiah to live out the gifts and ministry that our Father has given him or her.

We encourage each other to reach out to our neighbors, local community and the entire world as we have opportunity.

Leadership is for the simple purpose of pointing sheep to the Shepherd “Jesus”.

Families are encouraged to teach and train their children into the image of Jesus, in both word and deed.

Faith alone is taught as the only way to live out our lives.

Accountability to biblical standards are supported and taught.

Unity is known to be achieved only by our connection with the head “Jesus”.

The Spirit of God works in and through the individual believer for present counsel and direction.