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Exodus – God’s Relentless Pursuit of Us
by Ashley McNary
 I have always seen the Bible as a collection of cool stories of great men and women of our faith. But I have come to realize that the Bible isn’t about characters. The Bible is about God. The narrative is telling the story of God bringing His creation back to Himself. And it starts with Exodus.
  In eight sessions, we will read through almost every word that was penned down in the book of Exodus and study what they tell us about God. Designed to be used with the Exodus Study Guide, each week we will dive into several chapters for study, discovery, application and discussion.
 Once you have signed in to your account, under “LIBRARIES” on the left of your screen click “VINEYARD FELLOWSHIP”. One the main screen you will find the Channel “WOMENS BIBLE STUDY”. Under that heading you will find the Exodus study by Ashley McNary.

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