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  • Sunday evening; come together at VF Bradford
    • Begin the evening with song and worship
      • Songs
        • 5:15
      • Micah will share a message on communion – 10 mins
        • 5:30
      • Open up and lead a small open mic discussion on communion
        • 10 mins
        • 5:45
      • Finish with prayer
    • Let everyone go to the basement for a light meal
      • 45 mins
    • Announce to go back upstairs after eating – 6:30
      • Brian will lead in short talk on bread and cup
        • Prayer for bread and wine/juice
      • Let everyone go back to the table to take the bread and the cup
        • 45 mins – 7:15
      • Encourage all that choose to have personal time of prayer, meditation or sharing of hearts and sharing with family or friends
    • Gradually move back into celebratory song and worship – 2 songs
      • 15 mins – 7:30 dismissal
      • All should feel free to continue in prayer or fellowship as long as they want or leave at any time.

Song List

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