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As many of you know, Tacy and I traveled with a group of friends last year to minister to and with the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe near Cortez, Colorado. This year, I am once again coordinating the team and would love for Vineyard family, ages 19 and over, to join us!

Interested? See details below! 
It would be ideal to get planning started soon! So, look at the ministry roles below and let me know what you’d like to do!! (We will need 12-15 more people to make camp happen this year!). If you would like to assist with planning, that–of course–is also welcome!

What: provide faith-based arts, music, worship camp for Native youth

When: Sat., 7/21- Sat., 7/28 (not including travel to/from Colorado)

Cost: approx. $450

Ministry roles needed (ages 19+):

  1. Off-Site Coordinator and assistant: cooks breakfast and dinner for the team at the church (15-20 people) and makes/brings daily lunches for team and campers (50-70 people total) at camp (20 min. drive). Does shopping for food each day. (I did this last year as one person and am happy to share logistics and simple meal ideas!)
  2. 5-8 teachers: lead an arts / music/ skill class. Examples include woodworking, painting, drawing, guitar, flower arranging, cooking (without stove/microwave), sock puppet theatre, drama, photography, or other useful arts you’d like to share! Class sizes are between 8-15; classes last 45 min; and you’d teach the class twice daily.
  3. 5-8 assistants (as above)
  4. Curriculum / on-site coordinator – one person: coordinates daily lunchtime teaching, creates and assembles small group booklet, heads up registration and makes sure the day “flows”
  5. “Rec” leader- leads games and coordinates recreation time
    All class leaders/ teachers are responsible for purchasing and bringing the materials needed for their classes. Class leaders are also responsible for the cost of materials.

The positions below can also come from our teachers/assistants:

  • Small Group Leaders (3 female, 3 male)
  • Rec. Assistants
  • Spiritual leader -prays over all of us during camp/ acts as support

(Please note: while it would be wonderful for this to be a “family” trip, the nature of the ministry is such that we must limit participation to adults 19 and over.)

Thank you all so much for prayerfully considering joining us this year!

All the Best,